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December 19, 2006
解決同電腦有關o既問題,Punk 頭,諗o野慢,怕做決定,用好多時間去攪踢波o既o野但係都踢得好「渣」,彈o左幾年結他但係都係彈得好「渣」,鐘意一字不漏咁去睇文章,但通常睇到一半就冇心機睇 … 應該記低o既o野冇去記低,思想常被某o的事件佔據,易醉,盡量光明正大,開心時可能好容易唔開心,成日都好眼瞓。

Let go

December 12, 2006
My hardest is not the same . I’ll never let go . I do never think that I should .


December 4, 2006
I suppose , a pioneer does never feel he is going too fast or too far . No one should have right to judge or criticize pioneers . Whatsoever , a pioneer doesn’t care of the followers .